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An echocardiogram is a test that produces high-quality images of your heart using ultrasound waves. Cardiology Now, a leading cardiology care provider serving the Denver and Englewood, Colorado area, offers on-site echocardiograms with fast results exactly when you need them. For same-day or next-day cardiology testing and care from our cardiologists, call the office or book through the online tool now.

Echocardiogram Q & A

What is an echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram generates detailed moving images of your heart with sound waves. Using these images, our Cardiology Team examines your heart's chambers, valves, and other components to look for structural and functional problems.

When do I need an echocardiogram?

Your doctor may recommend an echocardiogram to determine what's causing suspected heart issues. Some of the symptoms that might indicate heart problems can include:

  • Lower leg swelling (peripheral edema)
  • Labored breathing (dyspnea)
  • Chest pain
  • Heart murmurs as heard through a stethoscope


Echocardiograms are very helpful diagnostic tests, so they're often one of the first tests ordered when doctors suspect heart problems. If your primary care doctor, our cardiologist, recommends an echocardiogram, don’t worry: they’re safe, noninvasive, and painless.

How do echocardiograms work?

Typically, you wear a gown and lay either on your back or on your left side for an echocardiogram. Your Cardiology Now provider applies gel to your chest, and then glides the transducer handpiece over your heart. The process is completely painless and typically lasts 60 minutes or less.

During a stress echocardiogram, your Cardiology Now provider takes ultrasound images while you're resting, and then again after you exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike. If you can’t exercise, our cardiologist injects dobutamine, a medication that replicates the effect of exercise in your body, to check your heart while stressed.

After your echocardiogram, our cardiologist discusses your results with you, explain your diagnosis, and recommend a treatment plan if you need one. You get same-day results at Cardiology Now!

How are EKG and echocardiogram different?

EKG is the most common heart test. It checks your heart's electrical activity, and its main purpose is to reveal the details of your heart rhythm.

The echocardiogram is also a common diagnostic test, but not quite as common as EKG. The two tests are often done at the same time because they produce different but complementary information.

The Cardiology Now team offers reasonably priced same-day or next-day care that’s customized for your needs. Use the online scheduler or call Cardiology Now for your appointment today.